100 Anniversary Information

Share your memories and thoughts

Please share any special memories, thoughts or general comments you may have of our church. Whether you are a member of our congregation or a member of the community at large we invite your comments. Your input will help make this celebration more memorable and add to our amazing history!

4 Comments on “100 Anniversary Information

  1. Kudos to the committee for a superb job in organizing this commemoration of the church’s centennial. A fitting tribute to this lovely old building and its importance to the local community. I wasn’t able to attend in the morning but the lunch, musical program and plaque dedication were very well done. Hand-churned ice cream and perfect weather were bonuses.

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  2. Hello to those gathering to share time together as the history of the “West Church” is acknowledged as the icon as it has been in the area. Each of you will have reminisces and memories to share and it will be interesting to interact with others on the weekend. Reunions, can be so powerful with all the data and information you hear and you go home thinking how wonderful a past you have had and you feel special knowing how important it was.

    A building can be a cornerstone for some of us. Thank you to the organizers and workers and those who have contributed to draw attention to the past , with a building. The church has always been there to notice as one drives past and perhaps is a landmark to some when they need to know they are on the right road . I want to think that anyone driving past it, even if faith is not a part of their lives, will acknowledge the commitment of generations in that community.

    I was raised to appreciate what the West Church meant to the Long Family , and the Crawford Family. I always sensed that connection and knew how much it has meant with weddings, baptisms, choirs, pie socials, love feast and meeting for Sun Rise service. As a young child that dark, twisted stairway was not something that I liked about that church.

    I also would like to express my appreciation to the church members for considering the importance for many families and the community that the graveyard be the resting place, and memorials there now. It is a comfort for me that there can be history there now for my own loved ones.

    Enjoy your time together and I wish I could be there for both the visits ….and delicious country food. Is there pie ??
    Konita (Crawford) Stout
    Christchurch, New Zealand


  3. It will be nice to finally attend an event that is older than me!



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