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Irricana United Church 100th Celebration

Irricana Church of the Brethren

Irricana United has a unique history. Many of the people who settled in this area had roots in the United States and an already established connection to the Church of the Brethren.
The Brethren were a pacifist group that believed in adult baptism through immersion (the immersion baptismal font, although no longer in use is located under the pulpit area in the church).
The site for the church was chosen as it was a central meeting point for various founding members of the congregation. Over the years two churches were built by the congregation with this being the final effort and completed in 1919. As it became increasingly difficult to obtain Brethren ministers, the church needed to change. In 1969 the congregation voted to joined the United Church of Canada.

  • April 1909 – On a Sunday in several families agreed to leave home at the same time and where they converged a tent would be erected to hold meetings.
  • A crude building measuring 18×30′ was later built. The cost of lumber was $125.
  • June 25, 1910 – Official organization of the church was .
  • 1917 there were 114 members on the church roll
  • 1918 August a decision was made to build a larger church.
  • 1919 October the new (present) building was dedicated
  • Cost of new building was a whopping $8,405, took 14 months to complete and took 15 years to pay all accounts.
  • 1940 a second church was built in the town of Irricana.
  • 1969 the Church of the Brethren voted to join the United Church of Canada.
  • In 2011 this church was designated a Provincial Heritage Resource.

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