Baptisms & Funerals

BAPTISMS – Our church is happy to offer baptismal services to everyone. Baptism is a sacrament and is free to all. Parents are required to meet with the Minister prior to Baptism. For assistance planning your baptism, contact  us at

The belief of the United Church is that baptism is not a requirement for God’s love; it is not considered a passport to heaven, nor does the church believe that those who die unbaptised are condemned or damned for eternity. Rather, the church believes that baptism is the first step in church membership, where the parents make a profession of faith on behalf of the infant in the hope that their child will later confirm that profession.

The United Church practices infant baptism, but in cases where a person was not baptised as an infant, baptism can be performed at any age.[10] In the case of infant baptism, the parents of the infant, before the congregation, agree to a series of statements about the beliefs of the United Church on behalf of their child. They also promise to encourage the child to seek full membership at an appropriate time. The members of the congregation also promise the parents that they will help to raise the child in a Christian community. The minister then places water on the candidate’s head three times (expressing the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and traces a cross on the person’s forehead with water. Baptism by immersion is also an option for adults who request it.


FUNERALS & MEMORIALS – Loss of loved ones is always a difficult time in anyone’s life. If we can be of help in your time of need please contact our office to speak with us directly regarding any funeral arrangements or if you require information on planning a memorial. We’re here to help.

MEMORIAL FUND – The Memorial Fund is a fund to which family and friends may make a financial gift in memory of a loved one. The funds are used for special projects in relation to the church building and/or the ministry of the church. Tax receipts will be provided at year end.