Our History

IMG_6832Irricana United has a unique history. Many of the people who settled in this area had roots in the United States and an already established connection to the Church of the Brethren. Several families had been meeting in their homes for worship. In the spring of 1910, on a Sunday in April, it was decided that several families would leave from designated locations at a specified time and where they met, they would set up a tent for worship. Later that year a wooden structure was built.
In 1918, a larger church was needed so, with borrowed money and the sweat of the membership, the existing Church was built on its present site. The price tag was a whopping $8,405 and it took about fourteen months to complete.
In 1940 a second church was built in the town of Irricana to accommodate the growing community. As times changed, it became apparent that both churches could not be sustained so after many ups and downs, the Town Church closed.
It was becoming increasingly difficult to get Brethren ministers, so in 1969 it was decided to join the United Church of Canada.
Worship has been held on this site of Irricana United Church for over one hundred years. It is a serene setting that promotes a sense of peace and tranquility. We invite you to join us as we worship the Lord.